Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene

So... yeah... the hurricane.... thankfully we didn't get hit very hard, as many other parts of the eatern seaboard did. The only damage we had was somehow (and we can't figure out how as the ceiling, window sills, and walls are all TOTALLY DRY) the carpet on our outer wall in both bedrooms and the office are sopping wet... we put towels down and it soaked them and the carpet is still soaked. thankfully it only wrecked some boxes - we were able to pull the three boxes we had up against the wall away and this morning I had to empty one of the boxes into a hamper because the box was totally soaked through... but these things are itty bitty.... So very very thankful to the Lord for his protection this weekend. Everyone in our church was safe and no one lost power for more than a few seconds, so PTL!

Anyhooo.... since this weekend was a weeee bit rainy, we stayed inside on Saturday. Hubby had some work/Sunday morning service prep that he had to take care of, so I got some crafting done. I have pretty muuch decimated my stash of cards so I thought I would make up a couple of birthday cards to have on hand. I made myself use only scraps/already cut up card stock that I had/only ribbon scraps that I had. I was pretty happy with the results and now I am slowly on my way to having a card stash for those last minute ocassions that always seem to pop up ;)

oooh, yes... I forgot... I also whipped up a birthday card for our Pastor last week during one of my lunch breaks (and then proceeded to forget to give it to him on Sunday!) Oh, well... there's always next week. LOL.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

And you thought I'd forget again......

So, last night hubby had to work late... and I used the opportunity to clean out one of our office boxes and use what we have on hand right now to get things a little more organized until we can get a filing cabinet... In so doing, I found both the laptop and the USB for memory cards... So I made sure I uploaded the pics of my latest project and got them edited to put up on my etsy shop and the blog. :)

I put together three mini-notebooks. I am thinking of making up a few photo albums next. Enjoy :)

First notebook - front

First notebook - back

Second notebook - front

Second notebook - back

Third notebook - front

Third notebook - back

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spray painting tips needed!

Okay, I have a hope chest that is like 11 years old. I want to paint it black, but it has a glossy finish. I also plan on reupholstering the seat on top. Does anyone know anything about spray painting glossy finishes? Is there a type/brand that gets the best results? Will I have to sand it or is there a way to paint/spray paint right over the existing finish? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!