Monday, July 5, 2010

Getting Organized

Today is the day I attempt to get my crafting supplies organized. Up until now I've had everything in little boxes in a giant plastic bin. Every time I want to find one little embellishment I've had to sift for the entire bin to find something I KNOW I have in there somewhere!!!!! But I spent about 10 dollars this weekend to get some mini plastic drawers to help start organizing. Right now I am trying to figure what from around the house I can use so that I don't spend anymore than I absolutely need to.  Well, off I am to go dig in.... Wish me luck! 


  1. Ah...organization. =) Always fun and very rewarding. I organize, then it turns into chaos again; then I organize, then chaos. =) It's a vicious cycle. =) $10 isn't bad if it saves time, stress, frustration and the like.

    It makes a difference too if you don't have to look at it. =) I close the door and walk away...but facing reality upon opening it is not always fun. =)

    Have fun digging in. =)

  2. Thanks Anita :) Look forward to seeing you and your family this weekend!