Friday, October 1, 2010

Oops... some things you only learn through experience

So, I haven't had a lot of space to store my crafting supplies or cards. We live in apartment and my dear hubby has given up quite a few shelfs on his bookcases for my crafting already in our study. Today, however I realized that my idea for storing my completed cards was not the greatest idea. At first it seemed like it was, but today I pulled some of them out and realized that a few of the cards had been damaged (i.e. squashed!)  Oops.... sometimes you can only learn things through experience. I think that I'll be able to salvage the damaged cards to give as gifts, but I definitely won't be trying to sell them! I don't know what I'm going to do about storing cards now though. Any ideas ladies?


  1. How were you storing them Ashley? You could look into purchasing some inexpensive card sleeves...I've received cards that I purchase in can find them online...ebay or would keep them together and I think protect them from damage...type 5x7 cello bag in an ebay'll see what I mean...they make in many sizes...they have a resealable edge. I've used them for some of my shop stuff in the past. Hope that helps.

  2. I have been storing them upright in a large photo box - I guess I put too many in though because they started pushing against each other and there was some damage with some of the embellishments and some scratches ended up on some of the cards - Not so bad that I can't still give them to someone, especially with a little cover up work, but I would never sell them like that.

    Thanks for the suggestion on the cello bags. I will definitely look them up on e-bay!

  3. I store mine in a cd box from Walmart. It works wonderfully. It's the perfect size. I actually have three of them, one for folded cardstock (when I cut out one card, I fold the other half as well so I have one ready), one for envelopes, and one for finished cards. They're by Mainstays, cost $6 and come in a couple different colors. Brown, white, green and yellow, I think. I have the brown. I'll try to take a photo tomorrow and show you.

  4. Me again! :o) Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and leaving me comments! That's wonderful about your new birthday supplies! Yay! Lots of good stuff.

    I answered your questions in the comments section, so make sure to stop back in when you get a chance. :o) I'll also take photos of my cd boxes right now and get them posted tonight.