Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Time Itch

I don't know whether its because its finally getting warm or I've been reading a lot of blogs with awesomely creative ladies or that I don't get to be very creative at all at work or what... but I have had the creative itch lately.... Both crafts wise... and house wise....

I've been purging stuff little by little lately too... slowly trying to get rid of anything we don't actually use in case we end up moving in September (don't worry, I'll probably go through a more thorough purge cycle as I get closer... this is just the "pre-purge" ;) ) and for the first time in my life, I've actually wanted a sewing machine (Can't sew a straight line for anything, but hey.... that can always change, right???)

Who knows, maybe I'll get the chance to spend some time doing any of the above.... and even fill up my etsy shop a little more....because right now, it is looking like the government is  going to shutdown next week for at least a couple of days and that means no work/no pay for me next week. Thankfully my hubby has been able to make pretty good overtime lately... We'll find out on Friday what is going to happen next week.

I really need coffee.... I just reread through this post and I switched directions like 6 times in 3 paragraphs.... I think I'll take a walk over to Starbucks and caffeinate myself!

Hope that you are all having a blessed week.  If not, take heart... the week is almost over!

Isn't that just the cutest? I found it on a blog I just started following called Sprik Space. She has a ton of great freebie printables on her blog!!! She is so creative, so head on over and check her blog out!

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  1. Coffee never hurts a thing! =)

    So, a sewing machine?!?!? Let me know when you're serious. =)

    TGITh. =) Even if there's a nice virus here. =) Hope you have a nice week's end!