Monday, February 6, 2012

Sticky Note holders

 One of the things that I plan on adding to my Etsy shop soon are Sticky Notes holders. The base is a plastic picture frame, with patterned paper slipped in the frame instead of a picture. On the outside a sticky note pad is glued or taped to the frame and I velcroed a mechanical pencil to the front as well. I believe that the paper is from My MInd's Eye, but I don't remember the exact collection at the moment. the "Be Happy" stamp is from the dollar aisle at Target, the notepad from Wal-Mart and the pencil from the Dollar Tree. The ribbon flower on the pink frame was made by someone at my church. She gave it to me on the outside of a gift bag. I wanted to preserve it, so I used it for added embellishment.

Sorry for the poor pictures quality, after the sun goes down it is hard to take decent pictures in our apartment!

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