Monday, July 9, 2012

When your brain won't work....

And your creative mojo is no where to be found, there are always Christmas cards to be made... lol... and that is what I made yesterday afternoon. I finished up 3 that I started about 5 months ago and made 4 1/2 more. I guess I felt like I needed to catch up from that "1 Christmas card a week" goal that I made in January.  Didn't get any pictures taken though. After this week, we look to have some downtime with the Bible Institute on break until September and I hope to get some more crafting done and pictures taken. Probably not this week though, because we will be getting ready to have some friends stay with us this weekend and I have no food in the house, (no joke - I have a freezer full of meat and that is about it) so I should probably do something about that!

My hubby and I had a lovely time on vacation last week, so I may get some pictures up of that. (Although we lost our camera battery charger and then forgot the camera anyhow, so ended up taking pictures with our We had many lazy days, doing a little bit of sight-seeing but for the most part we spent the week laying by the pool and at the beach. It was glorious. By Thursday, the muscles in my back actually loosened up enough for my back to crack! (It's the little things in life..... ;) ) But we did manage to take some pictures. :)

The only disappointment was that I was looking very hard for a nice pottery mug for a dear friend of mine to bring her back and I found a stand the first night, but she said she would be there for the entire week and I didn't want to risk breaking the mug because we were out walking about and I figured I could come back, but I couldn't find the stand again. All in all, Charleston, SC is a great city. I highly recommend it - very laid back atmosphere... super hot and humid, but has a lovely breeze from the ocean that blows through the entire historic district.

Anyhoo, pictures are forthcoming.


  1. You know, maybe it's the weather...because honestly, I have no sewing mojo either. I have bee blocks to make and I looked at the fabric and walked away. There are no Christmas cards in the works here either. =)

    I'm glad you had a nice time in SC! I visited NC, or maybe it was SC....can't remember now, briefly, when my brother was in training. I drove my Mom down to see him. We didn't get to enjoy the beaches though. =)

    Have a lovely weekend and I thought I had posted on this, but guess not. =)

  2. I've had that happen. My hubby and I were walking around Heidelburg a few years ago and we saw this street artist selling this gorgeous original artwork for really cheap. They were cityscapes with dimesional aspects. Super cool. We loved one, but we'd just gotten there and didn't want to carry it around with us. So we thought we'd get it on our way back to the car later that night. Except when we went back, he'd already packed up and gone. :o( To this day, we still talk about how much we regret not purchasing that piece we loved while we had the chance.