Wednesday, December 26, 2012

And Finally.......

A bit about our Dominican trip. Sorry it has taken me so long to get this up, but this month has been incredibly crazy!

We had a wonderful time in the Dominican. We stayed with the primary translator for the Bible Institute classes and his family. It was really wonderful being able to spend some time in fellowship with them and were so blessed to find out they both spoke English! So I was able to spend some nice time with the wife. They have a live in helper who made THE BEST food ever. I am pretty sure I gained 5 pounds just in the 3.5 days we were with them! They have this awesome way of making oatmeal (they add All Spice) that made it taste like no oatmeal I'd ever had....Actually, all of her food was delicious and hubby was very proud of me. I tried many things I had never had while I was there. :)

On Thursday two brothers from the church drove us to the resort we would be taking a short stay to rest. We had a gorgeous room with an awesome view though, and it was all-inclusive so all of the meals were included in the cost of the room, so that was nice. I spent several hours out on our balcony in the sun reading and enjoying the warmth.

There was a bit of excitement when I slipped getting in to the hot tub out on our deck at the resort - thank goodness hubby caught me just before my tailbone slammed in to the concrete. I wrenched my ankle and we thought I had broken my toe - almost the entire top of my toe and the knuckle turned this deep purple.... the next day we spent a bit of time in the ocean though and the salt water seemed to help the swelling and bruise dissipate much more quickly than I expected. It's still sore but thankfully no break! And I contracted a weird virus that made me spike a fever between 100 and 101 and get those shaking chills every night for about 6 straight nights (two or three in the Dominican and then probably 4 more days once we got home). Thankfully, I have been on the mend for the last week or so. I still am really drained of energy but the fever, sore throat and chills are gone, PTL!

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  1. The beach looks beautiful! Glad you both had a nice time. =)

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas!