Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Gearing up for Mother's Day

In preparation for Mother's Day, I have been adding new items to my Etsy shop as gifts for mothers, but are generic enough to be used for other events for women. The latest additions are sticky note holders for 3x3 sticky notes. I kinda just started with one or two and then the next thing I knew, I had made 8, lol. I also used the opportunity to play around with taking pictures of my creations with our new camera. It is great having a good camera now because we have no good lighting in our apartment and it is really hard to get good pictures.

The flowers I used were a really random fine in a dollar store in Baltimore. All of the packages were like a dollar and a few were $1.25. I bought like 15 packages while I was there because I didn't know when I would come across such a good deal again.

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