Thursday, November 17, 2016

Christmas Card Making Made Simple

Hello, All! Ashley here. So its been a while since my last post. In the almost year that has passed, a lot has been going on in life. Hubby and I moved to Florida, we both decided to go back to school, I started working again (part time from home), and we just bought a house! With all of the changes in life and the busyness of it all, I thought I would do a series on how I simplify my Christmas card making to fit it all in and keep costs down so it doesn't cut into other Christmas budgets (too much anyway ;) ).

I thought I would break it up into 5 different categories:
1. Christmas Card Making Like a Scrapbooker, Part 1  (Using only Scrapbooking Supplies)
2. Christmas Card Making Like a Scrapbooker, Part 2 (Making Christmas cards from only 1 12x12 pad of paper and some card stock)
3. Using your PC to make Christmas card making more simple and less expensive
4. Mass Producing Christmas Cards
5. Cost vs. Quality - items it is okay to go cheap on and items that are worth the investment

I'll be back tomorrow for the first post on Christmas Card Making Like a Scrapbooker, Part 1! In the mean time, I hope that you are all having a wonderfully scrappy week!

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