Monday, May 10, 2010

Newest Creations

This weekend was my husband's birthday. Since he had not been feeling well all week I did not have a chance to get him his birthday present, so I went to get it on the way home from work on Friday. On the way to Best Buy to get his new Zune HD [which He ended up being a) surprised and b) really happy (He liked it a lot :) ]. 

Anyway, I stopped by Wal-mart to get a card and a few other things and made a very quick  run through the scrap-booking section. They had lots on sale and I was very tempted, but I only bought one paper set! I loved the colors and couldn't wait to make something. :)  So on Saturday while we were having a "chill" day, I made a couple of cards (early start on Father's Day) and a just because card. I also tried making a bookmark.  I'm not thrilled with the bookmark, but it was my first try and I can't wait to try another one. 


  1. These are gorgeous! I absolutely love that little embellishment you made for the first card with the ribbon and the brad/button. How did you make it? It's lovely -- just the right touch of subtle elegance.

    I have that same paper pack, but I've yet to make anything from it. I'll have to break it out one of these days soon.

  2. Honestly, I kind of stumbled on the inspiration for the ribbon. I started out working on a bow, but then ended up just looping the ribbon in a circular pattern, gluing down each section as I went so that it didn't all fall apart on me. (That is a horrible explanation - I'll try to come up with some pictures ;) )