Monday, May 23, 2011

How about it....

Although I didn't get much interest the first time I mentioned a swap, even if a couple of people want to participate I'm still going to hold one. I think it will be fun.

1. Total cost spent shouldn't exceed 10 dollars (including shipping) - Let's try to be creative with what we've already got!!!
2. Everyone who wants to participate can email me at agohl85 @ gmail dot com with your name and address. I will send you another person's name and address to send your swap item to. Please send me an email by June 3rd if you would like to participate. I will send an email back to you by June 11th. 
3. All packages should be sent out by the end of June. Let me know if that isn't enough time and I can extend the date into July.
4. Item should be hand made.

Alrightie ladies, lets get creative. :)

P.S. This month marks my 1 year blogaversary, so I am going to put together a giveaway. I am going out of town this next weekend, so I might not have it up right away, but check back soon!


  1. I'll participate! Go ahead and include me on the list.

    I can't believe it's been a year already that you've been doing this! Happy-almost-Blogoversary!

  2. Sure, I'll join you. Let me know.