Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Well, hubby and I actually got a lot accomplished... even if I don't have any pictures to show for it. I shall try to take some pictures of it (probably this weekend, because we're having company and everything will be spik and span ;) )

We got a couple of shelves we had mounted next to my crafting desk. The shelves are holding my flowers and buttons right now. We also got a few pictures hung up. AND we no longer have any boxes left ;) (Okay, so I may have removed everything from one box and just transferred the items to an empty tote, and then disguised the tote as a bench...but still.... the boxes are GONE!!!!!) I was also able to get the spare room cleaned up and the futon made up as a bed. We still have a few pictures to hang up in the room, but overall - made quite a bit of progress in getting the last major disaster of our new apartment taken care of ;)  

The biggest item on our to get list (for the apartment anyway) is a filing cabinet for the office (so that we can take take all of the office supplies/files out of the filing box and laundry basket we are currently storing them in .... and also move the storage cube that is currently holding the printer back into the living room)....and we'll probably need another bookshelf of some sort - we have a LOT of books and we repurposed one of our three bookshelves into our closet to hold the hubby's winter clothes (our closet is SOOOOOO much bigger in this apartment, but it didn't have any shelving, so we needed somewhere to put his sweaters).... 

Annnnyway, we got the guest bathroom all finished up (YAY!) Hubby said he hadn't realized that the current shower curtain we had didn't match, but said I could grab a new one and I scored one on clearance at K-Mart! (The bathroom has a palm tree theme, old shower curtain while having similar colors was floral. Our bathrooms are set up opposite of our previous apartment. The guest bathroom is now the bathroom with the bathtub, while in our previous apartment the master bathroom had the bathtub.) 

I also re-purposed some old frames, and put scrapbook paper in the frames to match the living room and hung (or rather hubby hung) the pictures on either side of the mirror in the living room to balance the wall out a bit (the mirror wasn't quite big enough to stand alone on the wall.)

I was even able to squeeze in a little crafting time and whipped up a couple of cards. (I plan to take pictures of those tonight. :)  )

We also picked up a couple of racks to organize our kitchen cabinets better, I have a little more re-arranging to do as we're getting settled and the original set up doesn't quite work as well as it could, but for the most part the kitchen is done.  The only thing I didn't get done that I had wanted to was to finish laying down shelving paper in our linen closet (the paint is flat and every time you pull something out it leaves a scratch.) I finished one shelf last weekend and will probably just do one shelf an evening this week and finish it up. 

And that is our Labor Day weekend.... How did you all spend your weekend?

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  1. Sounds like a busy productive day! We spent a lot of our day in the car, but the weekend was nice and busy. I'm exhausted and want to sleep...we'll see how the week goes. =) Have a good one!