Wednesday, March 28, 2012


So....I have been building up a small pile of goodies for a giveaway....and eventually I shall have the time to take pics and post it!

Between studying Spanish with Rosetta Stone, a new job, church,  trying to get to the gym more often,  and another bout with Bronchitis, I just have not had much time to spend crafting or taking pictures. I did sit down and make a card last night and I do have a couple of other small projects to share soon though!

Hope you are all having a beautiful Spring!


  1. Life has a way of keeping us away from the computer...I think it's probably a good thing in general. =)

    I hope your meds have kicked in and you're feeling better. My father has been coughing for weeks with no relief and my mom has pneumonia! So many people are sick.

    Take care of yourself!

  2. So sorry you haven't been feeling well! I've been missing you.