Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Valentines Care Package

Hullo all, I finally got some pictures that I took with my phone about a month ago downloaded on to the computer and I thought I would share a quick post with you on sending care packages to college students. My sister is in her first term in a college in Florida by herself. She went to bible school for two years, but she was only 3 hours from home that time and my parents and brother could visit her there. Down in Florida she doesn't have that, so I thought I would send her a care package for Valentines Day.

I tried to mix things that were relatively good for her/necessities and also some fun, ridiculous things to make her laugh. Not all of the items are shown in the picture below as I bought them as I was on the way to the Post Office to mail her package!

When sending a care package it helps if you know what kind of items the person could use, especially with food and toiletries. I try to choose non-perishable/non-breakable items that will travel well and be useful to the recipient.

My Sister's Care Package:
1. Box of Sponge Bob Square Pants fruit gummies
2. Spong Bob Square Pants candy dispenser (got for like 15 cents in the Christmas clearance aisle in the grocery store. This is a great place to check after holidays. Things are UBER cheap and you can pick them up and either save them for the next holiday, or re-purpose them for something else.)
3. FiberOne Pretzel snack bars (something relatively healthy for her to snack on)
4. Hot cocoa packs (a must in a care package!)
5. Dove Chocolate Raspberry bar (It was Valentines day!)
6. Lip gloss
7. Bright green stuffed animal frog (If you knew my sister, you'd understand ;) )
8. Toothpaste and a toothbrush (She doesn't have much spending money, so my mom and I have been trying to give her every day supplies that she needs. We both gave her giant bags/baskets full of toiletries right before she went off to college as well)
9. Valentines Day Card
10. Sticky Note/Pencil holder (She loves the color pink ;) ) - I can't claim credit for the flower though, that was repurposed from a gift that I was given

I took a lot of the stuff out of their original wrappers for two reasons - I could fit the things in a smaller box with the items in bags instead of boxes and because it looked cuter all prettied up with special packaging.


  1. What a thoughtful gift! =) I'm sure she appreciated it all!

  2. You are such a sweet sister! I bet Cassia was thrilled with her package!

    I need to get her address. Maybe you can email it to me sometime. I got a new stamp set that makes me think of her, and I really want to make her a card with it. :o)