Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finally, some crafting.....

Good Morning all. I don't know about you, but I had a super productive weekend! I was able to work from home from Friday, so I was able to get all of my laundry done (well... it was done, have a couple of loads to do piles up fast!) and my sheets changed and the kitchen cleaned/dishwasher emptied... and I was able to start on a couple of cards/gifts for some co-workers birthdays.

Saturday I got the dry cleaning and did grocery shopping. I decided to try something new this trip. When I got home I cut up all of the fruit (except for the apples - I don't like it when they get all brown) and made a giant fruit salad and then put the extras in their own individual containers (trust me - ONLY way to fit a watermellon and mellon in our fridge!!!) then I cut up most of the veggies and made a giant salad.  We get home so late during the week, most day's I am whipped and don't feel like cutting up the veggies to have salad's so I think this is going to help us eat more salad during the week. We had chicken salad last night and I didn't have to cut a single veggie for it!!! (score ;) ) This helps with the lunch making during the week too. Between the salads and the veggies already put in individual baggies, it will be much faster during the week to put together lunches for hubby and myself.

I was also able to finish up the cards/gifts for my co-workers.

For one co-worker, I made a card and for the other (who is my supervisor) I made a card and a small gift. I gave her the gift in her office though so that the other co-worker wouldn't feel bad. I also made a red velvet cake for the team to enjoy for their birthdays. (I forgot to take a picture of the cake - but it was pretty much the standard red velvet cake, with cream cheese frosting and red sprinkles!)

Paper: K&Company patterned paper
Embellishments: Ribbon from Michaels, Chipboard letters from the dollar aisles at Target

Paper: K&Company patterned paper, scrap cardstock
Embellishments: Ribbon from Michaels, Chipboard letters from the dollar aisles at Target, Letter sticker from dollar aisle at Target, pearls from acMoore, green rhinestones from Hero Arts, flowers from Prima
Sentiments: The sentiment on the pink card was from a vellum pack that a friend gave me and the blue card sentiment was from a Birthday stamp pack I had  - first I stamped in yellow and then stamped over the yellow in black to give the sentiment a little dimension.

This was a thank you gift for one of my previous co-workers that recently placed a large order with me for several cards and gift tags.


  1. I was wondering if you'd made the letters with your new cutter! =) Then I read on...everything looks beautiful....I especially like the tag!

    Cutting things up is a great way to save space. David often cuts for us....especially messy watermelons. =)

  2. Thank you :) The scalloped edges around the K on the notebook are actually from one of the punches you gave me. I use them all the time...

  3. Wow, you DID get a lot done! I am definitely going to try cutting up fruits and veggies in advance. Since finding out that I have diabetes, I've been eating a ton of salads and it does make it so much longer to pack lunches and such. This will definitely make things easier.

    Love all your crafty projects! Btw, I am so so so sorry that I am so far behind on sending out my package for the crafty exchange. I haven't forgot, it's just been nearly impossible to craft with not feeling well, having so many doctor's appointments, Tina being here, and Jeremy's baby being born so early... but I WILL get it finished up today and mail it out ASAP! So sorry I let the ball drop like that. I'll make it up to my partner!

  4. Hey, Don't worry about it. Life happens! You just concentrate on getting all of your health problems squared away!