Sunday, July 7, 2013

In Georgia

Good Morning All from the state of Georgia. I am here with my parents visiting my mom's life long best friend. She's known me my entire life and is like family. She is very, very sick and if you could hold her, her family and my parents up in prayers during this difficult time, I am sure that they would greatly appreciate it.

I'm sitting in the breakfast area of our hotel right now while my parents sleep and I thought I'd share some of the scrapbook pictures of the various weddings my family has been to over the years. For the most part, I used supplies that either matched or coordinated with the colors of each wedding. In the first set of wedding pictures, I was a miniature bride (my brother was the miniature groom).... Let me tell you, that barrette/ fake veil I was wearing was not cool. I almost got in trouble because I wouldn't stop tearing it out of my hair, lol. :)


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