Thursday, September 16, 2010

A gift from a friend and a combination of ideas.

A few weeks ago a friend found a book with card making ideas and sent it to me. I hadn't had the chance to make anything from it until this morning. Because I did not have all of the supplies I needed to make a whole design, I combined the ideas from two different card options.

Book my friend sent me (She is amazing at finding things at awesomely low prices!)

Card inspiration

Resulting card

Paper: Basic blue card stock from Michaels, Brown card stock from Colorbok collection; Plaid paper from a Surf collection i had; 
Embellishments: Flowers from Recollections; Ribbon from a friend; Gems from dollar aisle at Michaels...

Oh yeah, here is a free advertisement for Michaels ;0) 
I don't know if this is for all Michaels, but a lot of their dollar aisle stuff is on sale for 50% off right now and they also have some great Christmas stamp and embellishment supplies out for Christmas cards and a lot of other new fun things in the dollar aisle!


  1. I love the card! Great colors...very fun. Nice job.

    I have picked up a couple great books from the library recently about quilting and sewing. I don't know if that's an option where you're at...but might be something to look into. =)

  2. Beautiful! Great job, Ash.

    Looks like a great book, too!

  3. Love your blog, Ashley. You're very creative!

    I left you a blog award!