Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Organization Creations

So I have pretty limited space to store my crafting stuff. Up until now, I have kept most of my paper supplies in a small storage container and an expandable file. It keeps things out of the way, but it involves a lot of digging to find the right color paper or embellishment/sticker/etc. that I want to use. I used a jumbo pack cereal box to create myself a more open way of storing my papers and stickers so that I can just pull the box on to the floor with me and have easy access to my supplies. I also created a few folders to hold paper scraps and stickers. The paper I have standing in the back.

Paper: Patterned paper from a paper back from Wal-Mart
Embellishments: Gems from Wal-Mart, Black and Brown cut out using a cut-out I saved from a paper pack. Now I can just trace out the shapes on any paper I want!; White cut out from Martha Stewart Calling Card collection


  1. That turned out lovely. I love the embellishments!

  2. What a great, thrifty way to organize your supplies! It looks great!