Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some gifts

Recently, a friend bought her son a new desk so I wanted to create something for him to go on his new desk. He has a sister and I also wanted to create something for her. I ended up taking some food cans and cleaned them out and took the labels off. I then covered them to match their rooms. I won't be able to get the gifts to them for a couple of weeks since I have to have  someone deliver them, but I hope they like them. Their mama is going to get to see them early though as she will probably read this entry. :) 

Pencil holder, decorated with Lightening McQueen as that is what his room is decorated in. I also created a matching holder with his name on it.

And now on to the one for sister. This one is done in blues and surf boards.

I put a separator in this can as it was bigger and this way there wouldn't be any problems with keeping the pencils/markers/etc. standing.


  1.'re one amazing Roja Chica! =) I can't believe you did this all since this morning!

    So I called Stephen and said, "Wanna see something?" I read the description and he was like, "That's for me!?!?" I said, "How do you know?" Response, "Cause it's Lightning McQueen...wait, I have to go get Sister!"

    ...Trot off to bedroom..."Bekah come see what a nice girl made for us!" =) LOL!!!

    They are so happy...thank you again and again...I know these will get lots of loving! Bekah has what she calls her "Secret" desk in her bedroom...there is a fold down desk in the book shelf finally she has no excuse for pencils laying everywhere in her room!

    The colors are perfect...Thanks again!

  2. I am glad they like them. I am sending them to convention with Sonia, so hopefully they will have them in a couple of weeks. I really enjoyed making them for them. :-) Stephen cracks me up :)

    I am always so impressed with them. You and David have done an amazing job raising them!

  3. Very nice! I'm sure they'll love them!

  4. Thanks Ashley...that's very sweet...I pray that they serve the Lord every's only Him...not us!

  5. excllent work on this!!!
    great idea. Tfs:)

  6. Very cute, Ash! I really, really love those surfboards! I'm sure the kids will be thrilled with such great, personalized gifts!

  7. The surfboards were actually pretty easy. I found a surfboard on line and printed it out on card stock and then used that as a template to cut out surf boards on patterned paper. :)