Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas decorations up, check....

Our Christmas check list is actually coming along quite nicely. We put up our Christmas decorations up last night and I now have MOST of the family gifts (still have one coming in from being ordered and two more to get) boxed up and labeled (so I know which belongs to which) and ready to be wrapped. I still have to finish shopping for my hubby and a few more things to pull together for our parents, but I think we're right on schedule. :) I actually managed to slide two gift bags under (or up against as the case really is) the Christmas tree last night. I created a couple of cards this week, just haven't had a chance to take pictures and edit them yet...

And on to some rambling.... The past couple of months have been difficult. The Lord has been taking me through a new, and as it looks right now prolonged, trial and I have been having a bit of a hard time being very thankful for the situation. But (the past few days particularly), I have been contemplating on how gracious the Lord is to send us blessings, even while in trials. Right now, I am in a fairly difficult situation at work, but amidst the situation the Lord has given me a blessing. He put a spirit filled Christian woman in as my immediate supervisor. The situation has been difficult for her as well, but how gracious the Lord has been to provide another lady with whom to be able to talk to at work, while actually going through these circumstances, and be encouraged through this whole situation. I am very thankful for this lady and am so thankful for the Lord, who is ever faithful to us in each and every situation.


  1. That's wonderful! I'm so glad on both counts...that you have your decorations up and are getting close to being done...but more so that you have been blessed by the Lord with a special someone at work...I know you will be a strength to each other as you look to the Lord and uphold one another in prayer.

    Praying for you...God's richest blessings!

  2. So sorry things are so difficult at work, but what a blessing that you and this lady have found a common bond and can help each other through it.