Monday, December 6, 2010

The Last of the Christmas Cards....

And I am done.... waiting for two more addresses and the last batch go out tomorrow morning!!! Woohoo!  Here are a couple of pics of some of the last ones that I made. I didn't make them all this year. We send out almost 50 and I am not quite at that level yet!

Card Update: Supplies used on cards (sorry.. I was super tired last night when I posted these.)

Paper: Card stock from Michaels, Textured card stock from a paper pack from Michaels, patterned paper from a magazine bonus and from a friend
Embellishments: Foam sparkly snowflakes from Michaels, ribbon from a friend, black and white pearls from acMoore, Wreath and ornament on last card from some bonus materials in a crafting magazine I bought a few weeks ago. 
Sentiments: Free hand (at this point, I was running out of Christmas card mojo and did them freehand!)

Hope you likey. :)


And with that, I am quite sleepy, so I will say goodnight :)

Sidenote: There are very few things better than coming home after a LONG day at work to find that your hubby has dinner done and has dug the Christmas tree out of the closet and put it up to get ready for decorating :)


  1. The cards turned out lovely...I'm sure you're feeling a sense of accomplishment getting them done. =)

    How nice for J to get the tree out for you...our tree has been an issue of stress and after only 4 days, an entire section of the "pre-lit" bulbs is much for if one bulb goes out the entire tree stays lit! Anyway, it's down and in the box, ready to go back to the store. Not sure what we'll do at this point...Stephen's bday is this weekend and time is just not on our side. =)

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas! God bless!

  2. Thank you Anita :)

    Sorry to hear about your tree. We've had a pretty good run with our Christmas tree so far. I'm hoping that we get at least a few more years out of it before we have any problems. It is a real blessing not having to lug a real Christmas tree up three flights of stairs (as I'm sure you can relate to :) ) and have it shed all over white carpeting!

    I hope that Stephen has a wonderful birthday!

  3. This are pretty, Ashley! I love all the pink! And good for you for being done already! I'm not even halfway there. Time's running out! I'd better get a move on. I planned to craft all day today, but woke up at 6AM vomiting. Yeah, basically a whole day down the tubes. Not a single card was made. Hope I can get the rest done in the next few days and sent out this weekend. Why can't December be two months long?