Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some Christmas Home Creations from last year....

Well, life has been super busy lately with traveling and some editing I've been doing for a Pastor friend of my husband I and editing I'm doing for my dad, and grading exams from our Bible Institute, so I haven't had much time for crafting lately. I did make a birthday card for my aunt-in-law, but I still have some Christmas cards to finish up and send out (I think I'm doing pretty well this year though, I passed out most Christmas cards for my family over Thanksgiving, plus we had some friends in town so I was able to send like 10 cards with them to give to other friends and I sent out 3 in the mail this morning. I think I've got about 25 more to go - either to send out or finish making.)

Anyhoo, since I haven't had time to craft I thought I would share some home decor crafts I made last year for our living room and as a center piece for our dining room table.

I made the branch in the vase, not the vase :) It actually wasn't that hard. I Just bought a branch with the neutral colored beads, then bought bundles of the other colored beads and wove them in. I was pleased with the outcome.

This also wasn't too dificult. I just bought ornaments to tie in my green table cloth (not shown here :) ) with the blue Christmas decorations in the living room. ( I live in an apartment so the living room and dining room are all in one room). My dear hubby spray painted this thing silver out in our cold storage shed. He had to put on like 3 coats of spray paint!

Hope everyone's Christmas preparations are going well!


  1. Wow, I love that bowl and the ornaments! Great color scheme!

    We got our decorations out yesterday...I put some in our hallway. Other than that, it's pretty bare in here. =)

    Have a wonderful December!!! I can totally relate to busy! =)

  2. These came out very pretty! I love the color palette you're working with. Reminds me of the color of my office. :o) A nice variation from the traditional red and green Christmas colors.

  3. I wanted it to match the colors in my living room, and since we have a palm tree theme, blue and green seemed to be the best bet. :) Plus I really like the blue, green, and silver color combo.

  4. wonderful creations !!!you did an outstanding job!!!