Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sunburst Mirrors

Yesterday, I mentioned that I am starting to jump on the sunburst (or starburst) mirrors that I have been seeing around blog land. As some of you were curious as to what one looks like.... below are a few pictures. If you are extra curious you can hop on Amazon here to get a more extensive list.

Aren't they purty?


  1. Hi Ashley:)
    Just popping in to say yes, I like the the first two the best:) While Id love a large one for our hallway or a bedroom, Ive not come across one that large the way I shop(thrifting & yard sales:)).
    I did, however, find a small one at a thrift store a few weeks ago. It still had the tags on it from Pier 1(my old stomping grounds)so I was happy to find it:)
    Have a great day!

  2. Nice! I am hoping to get out and do a little bit of garage saling this summer. Haven't had much of a chance yet.

    I did see on one blog where a lady took the wood paint stirrers and layered them behind a regular circle mirror and then spray painted it gold. It turned out pretty nice.

  3. Yes. You can do the same with BBQ skewers! I even saw one on Pinterest where someone used clothespins around a mirror then spray painted the whole thing. I didnt like that idea as much as the BBQ skewers but itd be functional in a creative space as an inspiration board:) just a thought. There are so many fun DIY projects out there.

  4. I would never thought to try that with BBQ Skewers! That would actually work better for indoors for a smaller effect. I'd imagine that it would be difficult to keep the paint stirrers at a small scale.

    I just got a Pinterest account a few weeks ago and I already think I'm addicted :)

  5. I think this is the link: