Friday, June 10, 2011

Surrounding Yourself with things that bring you joy...

I work in an office space with 3 to 4 other guys, depending on the day....with no windows... Sometimes it can get a little dreary and so I decided that I was going to fill my cubicle up with bright, colorful things that bring a little "girl" into the space and make me smile when I look at them... Enjoy :)

And Happy Friday!!!!

Pictures of loved ones and bible verses.....

Inspirational Printables and stupid cat pictures.....

More inspirational printables....

And last but not least, beautiful flowers and a card from my husband, a card from a family member, a picture of my husband (I've now added a second picture as well) and a framed goodbye card from my last job...

I also have two cute little paddington bears on my desk, but for some reason they didn't come out in this picture... They were given to me by a good friend because the bears are looking at a scrapbook, which I love to do :)

What do you like to surround your workspace with?


  1. I think you've done an amazing job surrounding yourself with beauty and inspiration! I love the printables...I have a few of those in my sewing room...but I need to get frames for two...I guess I could just tape them to the wall. =)

    I don't really surround myself with much...I have a print from Studio JRU, that I finally found a frame for last week at a yard sale...then I have lights...machines...a stereo...cause I need to have music or something on...and currently a FAN! =) It's hot over there. =) I have some books, but haven't really used them much...and scrap boxes...patterns, etc. =) It's not too pretty, but it works. =)

    Have a great weekend, Ashley! God bless!

  2. What an inspiring place to work! You've surrounded yourself with so much positive energy -- that's so great, Ash! And I loved seeing my card there on your work surface! So glad to know that it meant that much to you!