Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Homemade Christmas Bows

Yesterday I said that I would share some pictures of the Christmas bows that I am making up for the Holiday Expo on November 15. I have been making sooo much Christmas stuff that I am starting to run out of Christmas craft paper. I'm going to have to pick up a pack somewhere (except, although there is CHRISTMAS STUFF EVERYWHERE already, I could not find a paper pack at Michaels last week. Hopefully I'll be able to look again this weekend and I will find something!!!).

Anyhoo, I made these from a picture from the DCWV Blog (Basically a modified pumpkin design). I took some patterned paper and plain card stock cut down to 3/4 and 1/2 inch strips of paper both at 4 and 6 inch lengths for varying sizes of bow. I then poked holes through both ends of all the papers with a hole punch and ran twine through the holes, bent the papers over and ran twine through the opposite ends. Then I spread the papers out so that they would have a bow effect and then I took a fiskars scalloped punch (Thanks Anita for this punch -  I use that punch and the smaller Martha Stewart punch ALL THE TIME! Such a blessing to have such a sweet friend!) and punched out some scalloped circles in coordinating papers and then glued buttons on top and glued the entire thing to the top of the bow. One thing to note - make sure your knots on the ends of the twine are big enough that the paper will not slip over if the holes expand a little bit. Learned this from trial and error over the weekend! Also, make sure you pull the twine as tight as it will go before you tie it off at the top so that when you spread the paper strips out they don't slide all over the place the minute you get them adjusted!

These are all I have made so far but I plan to have at least 20-25 made up for the Holiday Expo. They are actually pretty fast to make. The quickest way to do them is assembly line style. Cut all of the papers down at the same time, then poke holes in the paper ends and then assemble. Also, I would use twine rather than thread - Regular thread will not be strong enough.


  1. Love them Ashley! Wow, you're one busy lady! it's inspiring! I didn't do much of anything today...except go to goodwill and the gym...but I'll be busy from the moment the kids get home in a few minutes until 8 p.m. =) you enjoy making tons of the same thing...or does it get old? I have realized the joyful freedom of not having to make the same things. I know last week when I was making the zippered pouches it got old fast. Maybe since you're using different colored paper it's better? =)

    Have a great seeing all your things! Now to pray that it all sells!!!

  2. Thanks Anita! Well...Some of the things are fun to make multiples of, but the bows, I'm not going to lie, got old after like 3 (lol).... I like making small groups of things, making like 20 of each thing can be a little overwhelming, but I'm not sure if that is because this is the first time I've done this type of thing or not.

    I do find that I don't feel as creative after like the 5th duplicate. :)

    Ooo, goodwill... that sounds get so much done in one day, I am always amazed!

    Hope that you have a smooth evening!

  3. LOL...I'm sorry to laugh, but that's how I feel...sigh. =) I've only done two shows...but made tons of bags...similar style, different hundreds of old! New bags are challenging, but I like only having to make one!

    I do have some gifts I want to make that I'll need multiples of, but if I don't like doing it once, I won't do it again.

    Have a great night yourself!

  4. These turned out super cute, Ashley!

    And I picked up a couple 6x6 pads at work for you -- I'll give them to you when you come for Thanksgiving. Two of them are Christmas prints, and the others are every day.

  5. Aw, thanks Cousin! I hope to have a few goodies for you too ;)