Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Sorry I haven't posted these in a few days. I've been pretty sick...I am finding myself very thankful for this challenge of finding gifts in every day life... It is forcing me to stop and remember that God is good, when the human side of me wants to gripe and complain about the bad stuff....

January 12: 
     something above you: a roof over my head, a gift that so many do not have
     something below you: the strong foundation, the rock that I can stand on when things get tough
     something beside you: My Jesus - You are beside me always, an eternal gift that you so freely give!

January 13: 
     3 sounds you hear
      1. The wind blowing through the leaves, its such a soothing, almost musical sound, so beautiful...
      2. The soft trickle of rain drops
      3.  The voice of my husband telling me that he loves me

January 14: 
     3 ways you glimpsed the startling grace of God
     1. Each and every day, I am given a glimpse at His awesome grace in each and every aspect of my life
     2. The grace poured out over me last week that enabled me to keep quiet and not fight back when being treated unjustly at work
     3. The baptism of a newly saved young man - so encouraging, once again the Lord  turning a situation that once was so discouraging into yet another instance of His wonderful, saving Grace

January 15:
     One thing you wore: my sickwear (hoodies, sweat pants and some nice fluffy warm socks) - so nice and warm and soft.... 
     One thing you gave away: being able to give a friend pots and pans (hope she was able to use them!)
     One thing you shared: The delicious strawberry cheesecake ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery that my hubby brought me home this weekend because I was sick :)

January 16:
     3 ways you witnessed happiness today
          I didn't really leave the couch today, except to go to the doctor, so I will just give thanks for my wonderful husband who is taking such good care of me :)
January 17: 
     One gift that you made laugh (I think this might actually be meant to say one gift that made you laugh): Listening to the totally nonsensical conversation going on between my co-workers...
     One gift that made you pray: beginning a new book that prompts meditation and prayer as I read....    
     One gift that made you quiet: This Joy Dare...I sit quietly, pondering all of the wonderful things that the Lord has done for me as I think of things I am thankful for today...  

January 18:
     3 Gifts from God's Word
     1. The reminder that some of the greatest men in God's Word were human too, yet God was able to use them in mighty, mighty ways! (David, Moses, Paul, Peter)
     2. The reminder that God is with us, no matter how dark the circumstances (Psalms)
     3. The reminder that, through God, all things are possible!

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  1. What a lovely list...I always enjoy reading the 'Gift' lists others write...sometimes you're feeling the same or similar things and it really helps to bring them to the forefront. Praying for your healing and hoping that you'll enjoy this weekend ahead, without sickness. God bless!