Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 10 and 11....

Well, I didn't post anything yesterday for the January Joy Dare: capture these gifts, so today I will post for two days.

January 10:
     A gift that is sour: ummmm.... hmmmm........ 
     A gift that is sweet: my hubby scraping the ice off of my car in the mornings when he heads to work so I don't have to.
     A gift that is Just. Right.: massages that help release the pressure in my muscles.

January 11: 
     3 Yellow things that strike you as fresh mercy: 
          1. The yellow roses that are sitting on my desk right now.
          2. The yellow and pink ceramic mug from someone sweet at church.
          3. The sunshine that cuts through difficult, dreary days. 


  1. I didn't realize this was something you'd do every day, but I love reading your lists. I think it's very nice for your hubby to scrape your car...and roses are always special!

    I hope you're having sunshine today! God bless!

  2. Yellow roses are divine as is sunshine. Hope you're getting plenty of it.

    Thanks for all of your sweet comments.