Thursday, March 10, 2011

A quick post....

Just a quick post today, as I am still feeling quite ill.... Seems to be getting worse throughout the week instead of better.... which is a bummer because I had to call my aunt and uncle and postpone their visit until at least a month maybe until summer :(  I was really looking forward to their visit, but hopefully the weather will be nicer and work situation will be a little better so I'll be able to take a day off to spend with them....Anyhoo, done with my pity party now!!!

I just wanted to share a card that I made for a client at work. His wife just gave birth to a baby boy and I volunteered to make the card for everyone to sign....

Paper: basic card stock, "Monkeying Around" collection of Recollections, and "White Out" Collection of We are Memorykeepers
Embellishments: Ribbon and buttons from dollar aisle at Michaels


  1. Awe...the card is adorable.

    I'm sorry about your visit...and more sorry that you're not getting better. =( You'll be in my prayers.

  2. Thank you Anita :) I appreciate your prayers! Honestly, I feel like the prayers of others are what is pulling me through all of the things going on lately...

  3. What a cute card! Love those buttons and the baker's twine!

    So sorry you aren't feeling well and that J&C had to postpone their trip! I wonder where they are... Lol. I know they aren't home because I'm feeding their fish!

    Next time they come, let me know in advance and I'll try to get a little packet of crafty stuff together for you! Feel better, Ash! I'll be praying.