Friday, October 14, 2011

And on to the kitchen, dining room, and entry way.....

While I'm on a roll, I'll share a few more pictures.... of our dining room, kitchen (with a PANTRY - PTL), and our entry way.

 In our old apartment, we had the palm pictures up in our living room, as was the black bookshelf, but they seemed to fit better in the living room and we didn't have room for the bookshelf in the living room, so we moved them into the dining room, I know bookshelves in the dining room isn't the most usual choice, but I like it there. I think it works for the space.

 If you look reaaaaaaaallly closely in the white cake holder, you'll see some ceramic pumpkins I picked up to add a little fallishness to the room. There is also a giant bronze leaf plate on the dining room table.... and the picture doesn't show it but right now we have some great fall flowers on the table as well. I love the fall... :)

And our entry way - right now it is a landing place for my work bag. and our slippers occasionally. The mirror was a great find from Ikea - it was only 9.99. We hope to eventually find a small table to place there where we can put our keys/work badges/etc.

And our kitchen... let me tell you I was a little nervous about moving into this place because the apartment we were shown had ANCIENT and UGLIEST cupboards EVER!!!!!! It was the best place for our needs other than that though, so we took the apartment... Then we get the keys and walk in to our actual apartment and PTL we have new cabinets, new flooring and new counter tops!!!! (The dishwasher and stove are ancient, but those are workable) The Lord is so good to not only provide for our needs, but also the desire of our heart! They also swapped out our ANCIENT and UGLY vanity in our master bathroom that looked like it had been installed about 60 years ago..... It was nasty, but they replaced it without us even having to ask! :) :) :) :)  We were able to fit our daily appliances on the counter tops with just as much if not more space left over for cooking/preparing dinner. And I put our recipes on top of the fridge for easy access.

But, back to the kitchen, not only do we have the kitchen but a pantry as well, where I can store all of our canned/boxed foods and other larger items that don't fit well in the cupboards. We were even able to fit our trash can in! (Score - I don't have to look at it and it isn't in the way! And I asked a friend if she would mind sewing up some grocery bag holders for me out of some of my towels and she graciously obliged and now I have our bags stored out of the way and hung on a nail next to the garbage can.) 

(I labelled all of my canisters really quickly while we were moving so the fam knew what they were as they were helping out for the weekend. I plan on creating cuter ones, but for now they work! I also created a tag for our basket of instant beverages/tea bags. This way, if they are labelled, everyone knows what is in each place without having to hunt through everything. I also did the same thing with baskets in my linen closet (which I will show you later - let me tell you - I looooove having a linen closet, such a blessing!)


  1. It looks so great, Ashley! It's so comfortable and homey. I love the dining room and I think the bookshelf looks great in there. And the kitchen is darling! What a great little place you have! So happy for you!

  2. AMAZING!!!! Love your new home! Great job with all of the decorating and organizing!!!!! Doesn't it feel great when you can get everything organized?!? I love being organized and having a place for everything and everything in it's place....Miss you...

  3. Thank you :) And YES it is :) Before in our old apartment I had all of our stuff for the linen closet and overflow from the kitchen, and Jason's tools all in one closet.... Now I have the space to have it all organized in their own proper spaces :)

    Miss you too!

  4. It looks amazing...and I can picture a table under that mirror! Christmas is coming!

    I love how you have everything organized and the story of the new cupboards was just great! Your apartment looks so classy! Thanks for sharing it with us!