Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Finally .... some apartment pictures

Hullo all, I finally have some apartment pictures to share with you.... and since I took like 50 today (I took the day off... it's my birthday and I just really needed a day off.... so I took it.

Anyhoo, today I will share some pictures of my living room. Keep in mind, it is a work in progress. I have one half pretty much done, and the other is still a blank wall with a tv - which we will build out into a fuller entertainment center as funds permit.... The awesome... lots of space - half contains our winter coats, shoes we wear the most, and on the top shelf we each have a basket for our winter mittens and hats, plus a basket for sports equipment (mitts and balls, etc). The other side of the closet holds our Christmas decorations, half of our board games (all of the smaller games go into one of the black cubies in the living room pics), plus our extra stools, our vacuum and my grocery carrier.

 The pictures that are on each side of the mirror are actually some frames that I had with beach pictures in it. As I moved much of my palm theme items into our dining room I opted with carrying the color scheme into the living room, but not all of the palm tree items. The picture frames now have scrapbook paper that matches the colors of the living room in them. I may change them as time goes on, but for now they work!

Please, don't judge ;)  I promise this wall will be fixed...eventually.... just keepin' it real. :)

And that is our living room.... More pics to come!!!


  1. Awe...well, first I'll apologize for not knowing it's your birthday....that is definitely not a strength of mine, but I'll write it down and likely lose it before next year.

    "A Happy Birthday to you, a Happy Birthday to you! Every day of the year, may you feel Jesus near. A Happy Birthday to you, a Happy Birthday to you! And the best year you've ever had...(echo voices) We really mean it! And the best year you've ever had....And we're not kidding! And the best year you've ever had!!!!!!!"

    and then...I love your open space...oh to be able to arrange furniture and have space...but alas, I'm left to enjoy the great job you've done! Love the closets too!

    Hope you had a great, relaxing birthday! God richly bless you this next year of your life!

  2. Thank you Anita! :) I did have a great day... it was very nice to have a day off that didn't include needing to worry about work at all!

  3. I was thinking of you on your birthday! Sorry I didn't get a card out in time. I was really sick again. Thank you so much for yours though! It was so sweet. Maybe I can get together a mini package for you to make up for it. :o)

    Your livingroom is DARLING! I love the color scheme and that rug!