Monday, October 24, 2011

Laundry, Linens, and Guest Bath

Hello all.... I am back... I did not have access to my blog last week during the day, but I do again, so I thought I would share some more pictures of the apartment with you. I was soooo happy to find that this apartment had a linen closet. It was one of the things that I didn't care for in our last apartment... A lack of proper storage space for towels, spare sheet sets, laundry stuff, TP, etc. PTL, this apartment has a lovely linen closet with the perfect amount of space for storing all of those necessities! We also have a small washer and dryer again, which is a must, because we just don't have the time to go to a laundry met every week!

My apologies in advance, blogger appears to have placed the pictures in whatever order it pleases today!

 I wanted a fast (and cheap) way to give guests something to put their toothbrushes in when using our guest bathroom, so I took a bottle that used to have Bath and Body Works Bubble Bath in it, cleaned it out, got out some patterned cardstock and white cardstock, and then adheared to the bottle with some clear laminate paper (easy find at any Dollar Store).

 Did the same for the labels on these bins. The bins are from Dollar Tree as well (Loooove that store!)

 Our linen closet - the top has our iron and spare filters and such. The next has our laundry supplies, and floor cleaning products, as well as beauty supplies, then we have a shelf for the TP as well as house hold cleaning products corralled in a 5 dollar bin from Walmart. That little blue bin off to the left holds some misc. things that didn't have a home or I didn't have enough of one thing to fill up the entire basket! The next shelf is for towels and washcloths. I have a bin for washcloths and a bin for hand towels and I just roll up the towels and place on either side. The bottom shelf is for sheet sets and the bottom has a portable spa kit, our beach towels and a basket full of things that don't have a home yet. :) (Work in progress peeps!)
 This is our spare (i.e. catch all) room. And that is the door. That is all you shall be seeing of that room right now. :)
 PTL, a washer and dryer!
 Guest bathroom
More guest bathroom
 Cetaphil (for my crazy sensitive skin)... and another jar I recycled to hold Q-tips

 Some beach pictures I cut out of a travel magazine make up the art work for the bathroom....

and a small basket of necessities should any guests find themselves forgetting anything at home!!!

And that is our tour for today!

PS - I finally was issued an office.... PTL!!!!!!


  1. Love all your special little creations...great way to utilize and re-cycle!

    That bathroom looks nice and large....and I love your shower curtain! =) Thanks for sharing your apartment with us!

  2. Thanks Anita... You will have to come down and use it sometime. :)

  3. Everything is so nice and welcoming! You have a lot of really nice homey touches in there.

    And YAY for getting your own office!

  4. Thank you Christy. :) I know.... Having a desk to spread my maddness across has been such a blessing! :)