Friday, October 14, 2011

And we move on to the office space.....

Good Morning All... It's Friday!!! Can I get a YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (Okay, so I'm excited it's almost the weekend if you couldn't tell!) Nothing is going on this weekend really, just really glad the week is over. It was a rough one.... But I digress, I thought I'd share some more pictures of our in-progress apartment.... the office space... The office is still a work in progress (we still need a filing cabinet and I am working on making the cardboard drawers in our storage cubes pretty with patterned paper, but it is functional for now ;) )

I wanted to spend as little as possible in my storage solutions for my crafting, and so far I've only had to spend like $8 dollars on a over the door shoe holder for all my ribbon and a few storage containers from Ikea for my buttons, the rest was pretty much re-purposed from elsewhere. Oh, and I spent $2 for little white dishes to hold our keys. Those will eventually get moved to a small table directly inside our door, but for now they are right beside our docking station for our phones. I also plan on covering the cork board with fabric and hanging it over the breaker box on the wall beside the furnace room door.

Anyhoo, the pictures....

 I put this shoe organizer on the inside of the furnace room door, making it right behind my desk if I need some ribbon, but hidden if we have anyone over.

Right now, we have all of our files/shipping/items waiting to be worked on for gifts/my Etsy shop in those two white boxes on the floor. Surprisingly, it's driving my  hubby battier having all of the files shoved in that box than it is me. :) But the biggest thing is that WE BOTH HAVE DESKS NOW!!!! I have a desk just for me to spread my crafting craziness across and he has his side with the PC on it. :) :) :) :) :) I have a craft space now that doesn't involve sitting on the floor at the coffee table. :)

I am working on getting my things more organized/making the storage solutions look a little prettier, but for now I am very thankful we have the space to keep all of my crafting items in close reach instead of needing to have them stored in a separate room from which I work...

I was able to bring in my storage for my crafts that had been in the spare room in the other apartment, and get extra storage for stuff that had been in our much bigger previous desk... and also fit some more of my crafting supplies. We were also able to get the printer up off the floor too. :)

 If you notice the wall behind the right desk. I was able to re-purpose some shelves to hold more crafting supplies. The top shelf holds my glitter supplies (given to me by an awesome friend who has given me so much to start my crafting hobby. I am so grateful for all her help and giving heart!) The bottom shelf holds all of the little containers for my buttons. I purchased 4 of them at Staples, but when I went back they didn't have any more round ones, so I re-purposed some containers from an Ikea Container set. I put them low enough so that I can easily grab whatever I need off of the shelves.

That basket is usually on the other side of the desk beside my lamp, but I had my craziness spread out on the desk and needed it moved over. :) That basket holds all of my in-progress projects (mainly Christmas oriented stuff right now), that way I can keep the craziness contained when I am not working on it. Behind it is another organizer that holds all of my markers, colored pencils, stamp markers, and also holds my coupon holder as well (making the most of the space :) )

On that back wall are all of mine and  hubby's diplomas and certificates. That wall to the right needs something, but I haven't decide what yet. :) I want to make the most of our space, but not make it feel cluttered.... We have a giant window between our desks, as well as the wrap around window wall that carries into the office from the living room which really help keep the space feeling opened.

God really was so good with this apartment. It has pretty much everything I wanted in a space. :) 

You may notice that we have a lot of black furniture - there is a rational for that... since we are mainly living in an apartment for the foreseeable future and each apartment is set up differently, I wanted to keep our furniture similar so that I could pull things into different rooms and not be driven crazy by the fact that they don't go together. ;)

Wow, this post was quite the mouthful :)


  1. I love it! It's a perfect little crafty space and I love how you have your desks set up. What a great idea! And you can glance up and give each other sweet looks from time to time while you're working. ;o)

    The black furniture makes total sense! I think it looks sleek and streamlined anyway.

  2. Thanks :) We still have some work to do, but it's coming together :)

  3. Love your little craft space. I think the things you plan to do will make it even more enjoyable! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you ladies :) Honestly, the biggest thing I want to do is bring some color into the room. I have some printables that I think I am going to set on the shelves and around the room once I pick up some cheap frames from the dollar store or maybe IKEA :) I love color...:) :) :)