Monday, October 31, 2011

Some more crafts for the Holiday Expo

Good Monday Morning All! Yesterday evening I laid out all of the items I had created so far for the Holiday Expo and took pictures of them to share with you throughout the week, since I do not foresee having time to take any pictures this week... Busy, busy, busy!!!

Anyhow, this morning I am going to show you a small Christmas planner I created. I originally found the idea via Pinterest and adapted to fit my own ideas. I wanted to make something big enough to be useful, but small enough to fit in a purse conveniently. I've only made one so far, but I plan on making several more before the Expo!

This first picture is of the inside, where I have a notepad for keeping a list of the gifts you need to buy, a small envelope for receipts (I realize the envelope isn't very big, but the planner is meant to be a small one that is easy to carry around, I didn't want to make it very bulky. I also created a small folder pouch underneath the receipt envelope for overflow receipts or if one would need to tear off notepad sheets. Beside the notepad I put a pen. I created the pen holder by leaving a little extra paper on the side when I cut down the paper to make the planner. Then I just rolled it to get a round opening and then tape the edge under the notepad.

Paper: Recollections card stock, patterned papers from dollar aisle last year at Target
Sentiments:Created in Microsoft Word and cut to size with Fiskars paper trimmer and scalloped punch (courtesy of a dear friend of mine!)
Digi Stamp: Skier digi stamp from Bugaboo Stamps
Extra Materials: Paper pad from CVS/Dollar Tree (Some I got from Dollar Tree, some I got from CVS - same size, just different colors), Pen from Dollar Tree


  1. It's adorable, Ashley! I can see it being a great seller too! Don't make them all for Christmas...because they'd be great for ANY time! Women will love them for shopping in general! I love having a note pad in my purse for writing things on.

    I hope you have a great week! God bless!

  2. Thanks for the idea Anita... It never occurred to me to make general purpose ones! :) I will definitely do that!

  3. This turned out really cute! And what a cool idea!