Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And we're almost done....

In our master bedroom, we have a hotel style bathroom attached. (sink in room, toilet and shower in a separate room). Since I'm pretty organized, we keep the things out on the sink to a minimum and are able to use the great storage under the sink and in the medicine cabinet. We also have a HUGE closet, which I'll show you in a separate post. But for the bedroom, the only window is not centered on the wall, but I wanted to put our king sized bed up against the wall with the window to maximize our room in the space, so we hung the rods for the curtains centered in the room as if there were two sets of windows or a huge centered set. Since we keep the curtains closed in the bedroom, you can't even tell. Because doing that eliminated the only natural light in the room, I added two small mirrors behind the bedside lamps to try to reflect as much light as possible back into the room. all of the mirrors in the room came from Kirklands. If you have a store near you and you watch the sales you can snag mirrors for really great prices there (I got both of the small mirrors on each side of the bed for 11.98 total for both. :) ) 

 That is the door to our closet. (I know the mirror isn't centered - the light switch is in a bizzaro spot and we hung it as centered as we could!)

 Since we are renting and I didn't want to put any more holes than necessary in the walls, I just threw up a 3M hook for a hand towel, plus keeping it small, you can't even see the hand towel from the bedroom.
 Under the sink, I organized all like items together. In the small front basket is all of our cold medicines (I know people say you shouldn't store that stuff in the bathroom, but since this isn't in the bathroom with the shower and toilet where most of the moisture, I figured it would be find - plus, the only empty cabinet in the kitchen is filled with our daily meds and vitamins) The back basket is seasonal items/travel items that we don't use very often.

 Since there wasn't quite enough space under the sink, we bought a wrack to put in and give some extra shelving. the bottom holds all of the stomach meds, the middle shelf is all the first aid/bandaids and the top bin holds all of my hair stuff (blow dryer, straightener, hair products, etc) The shelf was only like 5 or 6 bucks at K-Mart,  and the big basket was 5 at Walmart. The Small baskets I grabbed for 10 cents a piece at a yard sale.

The hope chest at the end of my bed was a gift from my parents about 11 years ago. I eventually intend on changing the hope chest at the end of the bed to match the rest of the furniture,  but that is a future project. Right now it houses all of my out of season clothes. (Thankfully, hubby's seasonal and non-seasonal clothes all fit in the closet and the bottom three drawers of our dresser!)

And those are my two buds, Bert and Ernie. (Okay, I don't really call them that, the names just came to me. lol) Our air humidifier and purifier b/c I have horid year long in-door/out-door allergies, these help keep me breathing! There is pretty much no way to hide them right now, so I just satisfied my OCD need for having symmetry and placed one on each side of the dresser!

Eventually that picture will get hung on the wall, but for now it sits on the back of our dresser.

Anyhoo, that's the bedroom!


  1. Looks wonderful. I love how you managed the curtains and made it look 'even'. =) I also though you had a sewing machine!!! Then I read on...and realized it was just Bert & Ernie. =)

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. nope, no sewing machine... though some day I hope to gain the courage to venture into sewing. :)

  3. I love your little place! It seems very modern and peaceful. I like the predominant black and white throughout the whole apartment. It really makes it all seem cohesive and unified.

    Love that picture! Is that an Ansel Adams print?

  4. Thank you :)

    I'm not sure about the picture. It's a canvas print that we got at IKEA. :)