Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Christmas Cards

So I haven't done much today. Didn't feel well through most of the day, but I did get some inspiration and create a few Christmas cards from my spot on the couch. My stock of Christmas Cards is slowly building...

Paper Supplies: Card stock from COLORBOK, from Walmart, Print Paper from a friend
Embellishment: Cut off an old card
Sentiment: Hand written with an American Crafts Silver gel pen

This card is not finished, I don't think... not completely happy with it yet...
Paper Supplies: Card stock from Michaels, Print Paper from a friend

Embellishment: Cut off an old card and from Walmart

Paper Supplies: Card stock from Michaels
Embellishment: Cut off an old card
Sentiment: Hand written with an American Crafts Silver gel pen

Inside of card shown above
 (The silver ink shows up much better in person, but I couldn't get it to show up very clearly on camera.)

 Mini Christmas Card
Paper Supplies: Card stock from Michaels, Print paper from a friend
Embellishments: Ribbon from a friend, buttons from dollar aisle at Michaels (Are you seeing a trend here - I like the dollar aisle at Michaels ;) )

And last but not least.... I found some super cute little boy paper for 5 for a $1 at Michaels and just had to pick up a few pieces as I have NO boy paper at all! Not sure how well you will be able to see the paper but here is a picture...


  1. I love the tree cards...they are so that an original idea? I don't really want to think about Christmas yet, but the cards are cute.

    I was thinking the other day I should start making gifts...we'll see if I start any time soon. I'm busy catching up on work that I didn't get to this summer. =)

  2. Actually the tress were from previous Christmas cards that I cut up because I loved the idea. :) I am thinking to try to make some more of them because I really like the way these turned out :)

  3. Wow, I can't spell... I meant trees :)

  4. Fabulous cards! It feels so good to get a jump start doesn't it? Now I will hae to follow your lead and at least try to start mine ;)

  5. These are so great, Ashley! Love how you recycled old cards to make the new. Great idea! I like the one that you felt isn't quite finished, but if you need to add something, maybe some white stitching lines around the edges with a white gel pen? Or a few dots on the background for falling snow? A white gel pen is a great, inexpensive tool to have. And it can really pull a card together.

    Love those robot papers from Michaels! I have some of them too!

  6. I ended up writing "Seasons Greetings" in Silver Gel Pen on the front above the trees. I did buy a white marker, but I don't think I bought the right kind because it doesn't show up very well. What brand do you have, because I've been having a hard time finding one that writes really well?

    P.S. - a friend found a rotary cutter at a garage sale for $10 today and bought it and I am going to buy it from her....I am super excited because she looked it up and its $60 new! :)