Monday, January 31, 2011


So, yeah... I think it's a mid-winter crisis kind of thing, but I have lately become quite the follower of DIY blogs. I've always loved interior decorating and organizing and its starting to drive me a wee bit crazy that my options for both are quite limited in our apartment (decorating - I can't paint the walls because we have to paint them back before we move out and that totally is just not worth the effort).... and my closets are as organized as they are going to get for the time being... ah well...I shall paint mental walls in my mental house - and no you cannot judge about how that last sentence sounds! ;)

I'm also pretty sure that I can add ADD to my OCD.....

and no, there was no real point to this post.... Actually, originally I think there might have been, but I forgot halfway through the paragraph... which is what prompted the above ADD statement (that among MANY MANY other things...) k, I'm done rambling now... I'm pretty sure that this entire post can be blamed on not enough caffeine in my system...

I get to go home in 57 minutes!


  1. LOL! I feel your pain! =) Every time I see Kim her walls are a new color! I finally put color in one room here...but daren't go farther! =)

    I was, Ashley posted twice...then you made me laugh. =) Have fun dreaming about your "Mental House". =)

  2. lol..Glad I made you laugh :) I cn imagine that it must be super difficult to decorate with dorm style brick walls!!! From the pics I've seen though it looks like you've done a beautiful job :)

  3. You're funny! I miss you. And I feel your pain. I'd love to do some redecorating, but I feel like it just isn't really worth it at this point. I don't want to stay here forever, though I guess we'll have to at least until Andreas is out of school and gainfully employed in the field of his choice. ;o)