Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some mini notecards....

Hello all... hope that everyone is having a glorious week :)  If not, no worries... tomorrow is Friday and the week is almost over!!! :) :) :)

A few weeks ago, I started a card set for one of the girls in our church, whose birthday is coming up in March. I have 4 done so far, two with blue ribbons and two with green ribbons... They are nothing fancy and I am still debating whether I want to add a sentiment to the fronts or just leave them blank for her to use for whatever occassion she would like to... What do you think? Sentiment or no sentiment?

Paper: Textured card stock from Michaels, patterned paper from my cousin (Don't know what brand - I have a horrible time remembering the if I don't have the names written down somewhere)
Ribbon: from a friend


  1. Hmm...I guess that I would leave them blank or half & half? Maybe two thank you...the others blank?

    I know I use thank you notes more than that's why I suggested that. =)

    Yay for Friday...what a week...maybe I can sleep in on Sat. =) Hope you have a good one!

  2. Beautiful notecards! What a lovely gift idea! Thank you for sharing :)