Monday, February 14, 2011

Baby Girl Cards...

My hubby has two coworkers that are having babies soon. Finally some baby girls!!!! I stopped by Michaels last week to see if they had anything on sale, sticker-wise, that I could use because I didn't have any baby girl digital images, stickers, or anything.... I ended up buying a stamp set because it was on sale for 4.99 and it would have been like 3 dollars at least to buy the stickers. This way I have something I can use again in the future! Some of the stamps can be used for other cards too, so that is nice...

This is the stamp set I bought. Isn't it cute???

I whipped these cards out on Saturday before I went to a wedding shower and my husband went to a birthday party. (It is so hard for people to plan things on weekends that don't overlap with something else because there are always things going on, even on the weekends!!! So hubby and I went the divide and conquer route :) ) I showed the shower card in the last post and I forgot to take a picture of the birthday card before I sealed the envelope. The birthday card was for a 1 year old boy, so it was bright colors and robots. :)

I made a purple card and a pink card. I actually tried paper piecing on these cards and I think it turned out rather well.

Paper: K & CO and standard color cardstock paper
Stamps: Recollections Sweet Baby Girl
Ink: Uchida Stamping Markers
Embellishments: Pearl from acmoore, ribbon from a friend


  1. Oh, Ash, these are both super, super sweet! Great job on the paper piecing, too! It looks so adorable.

    Great idea to go with the stamps rather than the stickers! It will definitely be more worth your money in the end, because you can do so many different things with them, whereas the stickers are gone after one use. Not that stickers can't add a really cute element to a card! But being on a budget, I just tend to save for the stamps because I know I'll be adding a "tool" to my crafting "arsenal." Lol.
    Guess your "divide and conquer" got me in a tough and manly mindframe!

  2. Awe...they're adorable! You did an awesome job on all counts! The stamps are adorable too! and it's nice that you can use them for other purposes.