Monday, February 14, 2011

Wedding Shower Card

Good Morning all... Hope everyone's week is off to a good start. This Monday isn't quite as painful as most are because I know that in 6 days I am off to a bahamas cruise and I am  sooooooo looking forward to it. Hubby and I are in desperate need of a vacation....

Anyhoo, here is a card that I made a couple of weeks ago. Originally it was for the upcoming wedding of a couple in our church, but I used it for their wedding shower instead because I didn't end up having enough time to make a shower card. I had a birthday card and two baby girl cards to make and I had a stomach bug all weekend...

P.S. I think it's really lame how people go to craft stores and buy out their clearance stock and then price them at triple what they payed for it on ebay.


  1. The card is beautiful! I hope you're feeling better this morning...and it's got to be so nice having something to look forward too!

    You'll have to shop more often, I guess. =) I know it's frustrating...even worse when they buy stuff at the dollar store and you don't know it's junk from the picture! =) I've made that mistake before. =)

    Have a great week! Happy V-Day! =)

  2. Thank you Anita, yes I am finally starting to feel better. I woke up queasy this morning, but it's not so bad anymore :)

  3. What a pretty card! Great job on it, Ashley!

    And wow for you guys on the cruise! So exciting! You'll have a fabulous time, I'm sure. And you picked a perfect time to duck out of this Northeastern weather!

    And I hear you on the ebay resale junk! Totally irritates me. I don't mind if you buy it with a coupon and then sell it at regular price -- not everyone has those items in their area and that helps them be able to get things they couldn't otherwise, but buying stuff on clearance and then jacking up the price so high that you more than double your profits is just wrong, imo!