Thursday, February 10, 2011

New organizers for my crafting supplies

Over the weekend we had to go to Office Depot to get some stuff for our church's office. While we were there and my hubby was trying to show the printer girl how to properly print out a large scale calendar (she still got the dimensions wrong and when I tried to piece the two calendar halves together and tape them up because they didn't have a big enough printer to put it all on one page the two sides didn't match up).... but I digress... While hubby was doing that I was getting the other stuff we needed and even after I got everything we needed the girl still was having trouble so I wandered over to the clearance aisle and found some organizing cubes on sale. I got two boxes with two stackable cubes in each, a total of 4 cubes for 10 dollars with 4 drawers for a total of 1 dollar... All in all we spent 11 dollars. The nice thing about these is, in the event that I find something I like better, these can be used in the hall closet to organize our linens better :)

Now that our TV is back downstairs I am also moving my crafting supplies downstairs (I think I mentioned that in yesterday's post) so, I put these directly into the spare room last night.


  1. How big are they? They actually look really nice...great find! You can even decorate the drawers when you're bored. =) don't have much time to be bored, but maybe you'll find some. =)

  2. Those look great, Ash! You'll be able to store so much stuff in there. What a great deal, too. And you're right, those are so versatile, that if you ever decide to go a different route for your crafting supplies, those cubes could be used just about anywhere.

    I'd love to see a pic after you've got everything stashed in them!