Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some Crafting Goodies from a Friend

Good morning all. I just thought I would share some awesome goodies a dear friend just sent along for me with her husband when he came down to teach at our Bible Institute. She was so sweet to think of me and I can't wait to start experimenting!!!

I also thought I'd share a couple of snippets of what I am working on for this friend...but since I haven't finished the notebooks and given them back to her, I am only showing pieces :)

Such bright cheerful colors aren't they???

Hope you are all having a spectacular week!


  1. I see something really beautiful...getting excited!

  2. How generous! I'm loving all those fab ribbon colors! You'll be able to do so much with these supplies. Can't wait to see all your new projects! And the full versions of the notebooks. They look great so far.